Angkor Academy

Angkor Academy is a pedagogical project around English class created in order to introduce Khmer culture to children all over the world through an online platform. Thus, the students of our partner schools will be able to discover the daily life of Cambodian children through monthly published themes. Those themes will be posted online in the form of units illustrated with videos, photos and other types of contents made by the Bayon School students twice a month.
Please read the testimony of Margaux our education coordinator:

Within the framework of Angkor Academy, I organise creative and educative activities with Grade 2 and Grade 4 students. Together, we learned how to craft animal masks to learn their names and garlands to brighten up the English classroom. We played with the vocabulary they learned with Sroun, the English teacher. We also learned about the important of sorting trash and taking care of the environment. The children are very curious and energetic; they are always enthusiastic regarding the new activities we propose them with other volunteers. We also shared with our partner school Carlepont and each student wrote a presentation of himself / herself to send to the students in France. In the coming months, we will further the children’s positive relation to their environment through the waste sorting bins, the embellishment of the school and the future garden the children will take great care of.

Grade 4 (6)

Grade2 (1)












, 23 March 2017