High schools

We financially support our students who continue their studies in Siem Reap’s public high schools. The average student lives about 10 km away from the city. In order to encourage them to focus on their lessons and address the challenges of living such a distance from the school, we provide them with:

  • • tuition fees;
  • • books and learning materials;
  • • 2 uniforms;
  • • a bicycle for the students when they start Grade 7;
  • • a monthly allowance for lunch and bicycle maintenance.

Also, we follow their school results as well as their attendance to be able to take action in case of problem and to make sure that our help suits their needs. We organise every year an orientation forum to show them the opportunities they have for the future. Thanks to our support and their strong motivation, some of our students even go to the Universities or follow a vocational training.
We support 143 students enrolled in Siem Reap high schools for the 2017-2018 school year.


Chay lived and studied in Nokokrao village until his father died. After this unfortunate event his family could no longer afford to continue his education. Eventually he moved to the pagoda with his family and became a student at Bayon school. Today, he studies tourism at the university.