The Primary School


Our primary school is located south from Bayon temple, and has been built within Preah Saar pagoda. As the school is located in the temples area, it is easier for our students to go there than going to a school in town, about 10 kilometers away. We make the most of our 4 classrooms by splitting students into morning and afternoon shifts. As a result, we are able to offer all the 6 primary school grades observed in the Cambodian school system. The students go to the public school in the city for grade 7.

In the primary school, the children study the official Khmer education program, composed of Khmer language, mathematics, geography, sciences, moral studies and physical sports. It’s been three years now that they also have English class one hour per day from Grade 2.  We currently have 235 primary school students and are able to offer:

  • • a fair salary for our 6 teachers
  • • books and material
  • • a canteen for a healthy meal day for each student.

The monks at the pagoda are kind enough to share their grounds with the school. In return, we offer them rice every month.