Elodie’s Canteen

In November 2014, a canteen opened at the school! The idea of building our own canteen came from the statement that all our children go back home for lunch and that most of them live in villages far from school. And far can reach 10 to 15 km, a distance the children have to bike four times a day. For two years, we have started recruiting children living at a maximum distance of 5 kms from the school.

This is too much for young kids, especially for the poorest ones that don’t get enough to eat. Because of the inflation of food prices, most of the parents can not afford to buy meat, fish or sometimes even vegetables, which contain necessary nutriments for children good growth and development. They often only eat rice and some cheap vegetables. As they lack of vitamins and therefore of energy, they feel tired and are not well concentrated at school. For all those reasons, we also noticed some problems of absenteeism.

cantine Bayon

Thanks to the canteen, our objective is to offer a healthy meal per day to all the children of the school. Everyone knows that it is important to eat well to work well!

Le rêv

The name of the canteen is a tribute to the person who has started this project: Elodie, a volunteer who was very involved in Bayon School. In april 2014, after she passed away, we worked hard to achieve the project that she cared so much about and that has enabled to improve the children’s living conditions. Through their association “Le Rêve d’Elo”, her parents Cathy and Joël are pursuing their daughter’s action and organise every year several fundraising events to support the canteen. Huge thanks to them and to all the members of their association!