The Pastry School

In 2014, we opened a pastry school in Siem Reap. This school provides vocational training in pastry to underprivileged women. The rigorous selection process chooses young women based on their motivation and their family’s income level. Pastries are now sold in the school’s coffee shop, and the benefits help finance the school.


Why ?

It is difficult for students to find a job if they don’t access a vocational training after completing their secondary education. Such training courses are offered in Siem Reap’s universities and private schools; however, students at the Bayon School cannot afford them (minimum $400/year). Without the financial means, it becomes inaccessible to many young students to receive the necessary training. Only a few organizations are able to offer free vocational training – such as Salai Bai – but they can’t meet the overwhelming demand. Education after elementary school is even more crucial for poor young women. If they cannot find remunerative employment, their families often force them into early marriage, or worse, prostitution.


Great job opportunities

The temples of Angkor attract a growing number of tourists each year.  As a result, the hospitality industry provides a significant and promising number of jobs in Siem Reap. There are already over 300 hotels and 700 restaurants, and forecasts predict a 100% growth during the next 10 years. Our objectives are to have 100% of our graduates employed and 50% of the school financed from the cake sales.


The training

The girls are selected, based on motivation, academic records and family environment to study at our Pastry School. The training is free and the students benefit from free housing, lunch and pocket money to buy food for their diner. The training lasts 11 months, including 4 months of internship. During those 11 months, they follow different courses:

  • • Pastry courses: with both theory and practice (how to follow a recipe, knowing ingredients’ attributes…) ;
  • • English;
  • • Introduction to Business;
  • • Computer Science;
  • • Mathematics;
  • • Accounting;
  • • Personal Development.


Congratulations to our graduates!

For the 3rd year in a row, Bayon Pastry School is a real success since 100% of our students have graduated! Congratulations!

Education and training can change lives! Thank you all for your help!