Angkor Academy

We are currently developing the Angkor Academy Project, a pedagogical project designed to provide English-language learning courses, cultural outings, and digital technology approach. The Angkor Academy is sponsored by Cross Knowledge –the European leader in e-learning solutions. We wish to give a glimpse into young Cambodians’ everyday life to other students abroad.

The Angkor Academy

The Angkor Academy project has been created in order to introduce Khmer culture to children all over the world through an online platform. The students of our partner schools will thus be able to discover the daily life of Cambodian children through monthly published themes. Those themes will be posted online in the form of units (equivalent of power point presentations) illustrated with videos, photos and other types of contents made by the Bayon School students during the weekly activities. The platform is available both in French and English, though some of the units content is only available in English.

How does this project benefit the students?

As societies became more and more multicultural, this project aims to promote intercultural exchange and develop the students’ cultural awareness by introducing them to different cultures. Thanks to the Angkor Academy platform, they will not only discover the Khmer culture, but they will also have access to the presentations made by our other partner schools. Such a project is a great opportunity for your students to deepen their knowledge and their respect for other cultures, but also for their own through the activity they will do to present it to other students. The activity will also give them the opportunity to develop their creativity and their skills in multimedia, skills that are crucial to master in today digital society.