10 reasons to sponsor Bayon School

Our primary school, located a few steps away from the fantastic Bayon temple, has just welcomed over 250 children who live in the surrounding villages. We need your help to keep this school alive! Maybe your friends have told you about Bayon School, or you’ve already thought about sponsoring an association but you’re not sure… You’ll find below 10 good reasons to support us.
1.Education is a real opportunity for disadvantages families’ future

With around $100 per month and several children, the families living around our school initially don’t have good chances to come out of poverty. A lot of parents aren’t aware of the importance of education for their children’s future and choose to send them to work. Besides, the public schools are lacking in Angkor archeological park and there aren’t many options for these children.
Recruited according to social criteria, our students join our school in kindergarten or grade 1 and receive a quality education in an adapted environment. We provide them with school supplies and two uniforms per year and offer a decent salary to our teachers.
Thanks to their scholarship, our pupils will have more chance to get a stable job that will enable them to improve their living conditions and their families’.
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2.Bayon School doesn’t work only on education but also health

Convinced that a good health is mandatory to focus in class and succeed, we try to help the children grow up well. Since the opening of Elodie’s canteen, all our students can have a free healthy lunch made of rice, vegetables and meat or fish from Monday to Friday. They are more attentive during the lessons and the doctor has noticed good improvements in their health on the last medical check-ups. Indeed, we welcome once a year a French volunteer doctor who examines each child to spot potential issues and compare their health to the previous year.
We give our students hygiene kits including soap, toothpaste and toothbrush. All our pupils have been taught about tooth brushing after lunch and do it well every day!
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3.Our primary school follows the national education program

Just like in public schools, our Khmer teachers follow the program of the ministry of Education. They teach Khmer, mathematics, geography, sciences, morale and sports activities. Therefore, our students have the required level to pursue their education when they go into public secondary schools.
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4.Our students can access secondary schools

After grade 6, which is the last grade of primary school in Cambodia, we keep supporting our students who want to study in public middle and high schools. We provide them with school supplies, two uniforms, a bicycle and a monthly allowance for lunch.
We organize each year a career forum to inform them about the different vocational trainings in Siem Reap. The most brilliant students can even have the opportunity to get a university scholarship after grade 12!
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5.Our pupils are taught English every day

While Cambodian public primary schools do not include English lessons in their free program but offer them as private classes, few children can get the chance to learn the international language. That’s we have established in our school a one-hour English class a day from Grade 2. English skills being very sought after by recruiters, our students will have more job opportunities in the future.
6.Our pupils can share their culture with the world

Through the Angkor Academy platform, we show to a dozen of partner schools in the world the cultural activities we organize for our pupils. Thanks to the different themes related to Khmer culture, the children from our partner schools can get to know about the little Cambodians’ daily life. The online platform shows videos, pictures and other contents made by Bayon school students’ during weekly activities. This project is a great opportunity for the students to increase their knowledge on other cultures and develop their creativity and skills in multimedia.
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7.Our association favors local staff employment

Our NGO in Cambodia, Bayon Education & Development, employs 28 staff including 24 locals and 4 French people (3 “Volontariat de Solidarité International” and 1 “service civique”). The other non Khmer members whom we welcome on limited periods are only volunteers. Pursuing the goal to hand the NGO’s management down to a Khmer program director and make the Cambodian staff independent, we help our employees develop their skills and offer them to attend trainings.
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8.Individual or collective sponsorship, you can decide

By becoming a sponsor of Bayon School, you cover the costs of one student’s scholarship for a year for €300 including:
– School supplies
– Two uniforms
– One hygiene kit
– One healthy lunch per day at Elodie’s canteen
– One medical check-up per year
You can decide which kind of sponsorship suits better to you. By choosing the individual sponsorship, you will receive the introduction and picture of your godchild at the beginning of each school year. However we cannot encourage mailing between sponsors and godchildren because it would lead to a huge amount of administrative work that we cannot afford. This kind of sponsorship, which we think is more personal, is offered to you so that you can follow our school through the example of one student. If you choose the collective sponsorship, you will receive at the beginning of each school year a general introduction of our primary school with each grade group picture, the news of the school, the teachers, etc.
In both situations, you’ll also receive our quarterly newsletter with all the news of our NGO.
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9.Over 400 sponsors already trust us

Launched in 2007, our sponsorship program has already gathered over 400 people! We are lucky to be supported by many people, families, companies, who renew their sponsorship every year and less than 2% stop their support each year. Some events take place every year in France and enable our sponsors to meet around our great cause. A few years ago, we organized a trip to Cambodia so that our sponsors could visit our school, meet their godchildren and go to their family houses to see their difficult living conditions. Be part of this great community too!
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10.Your donations are deductible from taxes

Registered in Cambodia as Bayon Education & Development, our association in France is named SEP (Soutien à l’Ecole de la Pagode) du Bayon and was registerd in 2005 as a “loi 1901 association”. Then, it can edit tax receipt to donators. For private individuals, 66% of your donations can be deducted from your annual taxes. Your sponsorship then actually costs you €102 per year or €8,5 per month. For companies, 60% of your donations are deducted from your taxes, then the real cost of a sponsorship is €120 per year or €10 per month.

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, 20 December 2016